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Orlen Collage

Following on its successful 2012 Olympics promotion, Orlen again enlisted the services of Playprint Polska for its 2013 promotional campaign.

The promotion was centred on Orlen’s sponsorship of Polish Volleyball and involved collecting all of the 7 picture cards available. Participants in the promotion were able to go online to register one of the 12million unique codes generated and printed onto individual cards by Playprint. Instant prizes were paid weekly for certain lucky numbers registered and interest in the promotion was assured by the offer of a final Super-Draw entry for a chance to win tickets to the Euro Volley Ball final for all players who had collected all 7 cards and registered on their corresponding game cards.

The logistics required, to ensure delivery to all 1200 Orlen stations, was handled by Playprint Polska and the high profile promotion was designed to ensure Orlen was the fuel of choice for Poles during summer 2013.